ActivFulvic Mineralife Professional Grade Fulvic Acid

Mineralife Liquid Ionic CHD Fulvic Acid

Mineralife's ActivFulvic Supplement is a pure, patented, clinically tested, professional form of carbohydrate-derived Fulvic Acid (CHD-FA). The ionic liquid form allows for quicker absorption than tablets or capsules, which must first dissolve in the digestive system before being absorbed.

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Traditionally, CHD-FA has been used to treat a variety of diseases, including skin conditions. Much of human aging and disease is due to high levels of free-radicals in the body. These are produced by the body when it expends energy and can be harmful if not removed. CHD-FA is a powerful anti-oxidant and displays anti-inflammatory properties.

Mineralife ActivFulvic Supplement Helps to Support:

  • Healthy Immune function
  • An increased uptake and retention of trace elements, vitamins, and nutrients
  • Increased energy through improved oxygen transport
  • Stimulated brain function and enhanced memory
  • Elevated moods
  • Detoxification of heavy metals and other contaminants

Fulvic Acid: An Important Addition For Optimal Health

Fulvic acid has recently gained a spotlight for its abilities to aid in the body's absorption and use of minerals, its ability to remove toxins and its ability to act as a powerful antioxidant. Fulvic acid is a supplement that can truly help maintain optimum health! Our ActivFulvic can be used in the following ways:

  • As a dietary food supplement to support overall health and well-being
  • As a detoxifier to eliminate waste products and toxins
  • During times of stress to support your nervous and immune systems
  • During cold and flu season to support immunity and strengthen resistance

Why Mineralife's ActivFulvic Supplement?

  • Prepared from a pure carbohydrate source by a slow fermentation process
  • 20 world-wide patents and numerous ongoing clinical trials and studies
  • Tested and proven safe and effective
  • 100% pure nature-made Fulvic Acid
  • Super concentrated for fast, effective results
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Fulvic Acid for Great Health

Fulvic acid aids absorption of nutrients in your food. Proper absorption is key to ensuring good health. Hailed as "Nature's Miracle Molecule," its benefits are rather breathtaking. Fulvic acid removes toxins and heavy metals from your system and transports nutrients to your cells. By extending the life cycle of nutrients, you get a higher absorption rate and this will give you higher energy levels. It acts as a natural electrolyte and can help rebuild the immune system.

Fulvic acid can be used to treat abrasions, open cuts and wounds. Burns can be treated with hardly any scarring, pain, or discoloration. Fulvic acid kills the pathogens that cause athlete's foot. It acts as a wide spectrum fungicide and anti-microbial to treat rashes, insect bites and skin irritations. It can also neutralize poison oak and poison ivy.

Fulvic acid maintains an environment, which allows other minerals, cells and elements to bio-react. It assists in the proper utilization of vitamins and production of enzymes. As a natural antioxidant, it has the ability to react appropriately to free radicals. Negatively charged electrons are eliminated as waste and positively charged electrons are altered to become usable compounds. Pollutants can be detoxified in a similar way and heavy metals can be scavenged.

When your cells are sufficiently nourished, they are able to produce many enzymes and amino acids required by your metabolism. Cells burn their own energy and are responsible for maintenance and manufacture of enzymes and proteins. By binding and chelating the minerals into a more bio-available form, fulvic acid facilitates the transport of nutrients to the cells. Anti-oxidant and diuretic properties assist in ridding free radicals and heavy metals from the body. For these reasons, fulvic acid supplementation should be a top priority.

CHD-FA compared to other types of Fulvic Acid

Environmental sources of Fulvic Acid are contaminated with heavy metals and often with herbicide and pesticide residues. CHD-FA is manufactured from a pure carbohydrate source in a GMP standard factory using pure water and medical grade oxygen. The manufacturing process and quality controls result in a product that is consistent, pure and conforms to the reference standard time after time. As such CHD-FA can be used in a variety of products for medicinal, cosmetic and food use in both humans and animals.

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ActivFulvic Mineralife Liquid Ionic CHD Fulvic Acid

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ActivFulvic Mineralife Liquid Ionic CHD Fulvic Acid
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