Flexacine Breakthrough Joint Relief Formula

Supports Healthy Joint Function and Mobility as an Anti-Inflammatant, Immune Modulator and Hormonal Regulator

FlexacineSince its introduction, Flexacine has quickly become the anti-arthritic, anti-pain dietary supplement of choice. Doctor James Chappell has recently released an all new and improved Flexacine formulae. If you experienced good results from taking Flexacine, wait until you try this new improved formulation. In addition to Maca, Cat's Claw, Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate, MSM, Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid, Flexacine now contains Harpago, Bioperine®, and White Willow Bark.

With the inclusion of the new, three "powerhouse" ingredients, nothing comes close to the effectiveness of Flexacine. Dr. Chappell states, "For over 37 years, I have been a health researcher, educator and nutraceutical, botanical formulator. I have never stopped improving my protocols and formulae as I discover better combinations of natural healing ingredients. The new Flexacine will help even more people live a pain free life. This is the most powerful analgesic product one can buy without a prescription. I guarantee it!"

Doctor James Chappell has Formulated Flexacine,
a Breakthrough in Joint Inflammation Relief

Dr. James Chappell, who formulated Flexacine, is a respected health professional and author with over 30 years of experience treating patients. His original success, Proxacine, proved to be a blockbuster supplement in the field of nutrition. With Flexacine, Dr. Chappell has formulated a nutraceutical product containing TWICE as much of same ingredients as Flexagene (competitor's formulation), with a potent Proprietary Blend to send the performance rating off the map.

Researchers describe Flexacine as a giant leap forward in treating joint problems using two newly discovered plant compounds.

Flexagene contains Cat's Claw and Maca, two extremely powerful ingredients that Peruvians and South American Indians have consumed for thousands of years for medicinal purposes, especially for inflammation. In Flexacine Dr. Chappell has doubled the amount of these 2 ingredients AND added a proprietary blend containing of a whopping 1,050 mg of proven inflammation fighters.

Flexacine Gives You Twice the Amount of Maca and Cat's Claw
contained in Flexagene... and that's just the beginning!

Among these are Glucosamine and Chondroitin sulfates, which research data has shown can be an effective tool in reducing the levels of joint inflammation and pain. This powerful Proprietary Blend, in tandem with the recently discovered benefits of Cat's Claw and Maca, puts Flexacine way out in front of all other similar products.

Flexacine Ingredients:

  • Maca - Peruvian Maca is a tuber similar to a radish-like root and usually grows 15,000 feet above sea level high in the Peruvian mountains. It has been used by the natives as food and medicine for over 1,500 years. It's mainly used for its anti-inflammatory, analgesic, hormonal and libido enhancing properties. It is also used as an energy tonic, aphrodisiac and fertility-enhancer.
  • Cat's Claw is a tropical vine that grows in rainforest and jungle areas in South America and Asia.
  • Glucosamine is an amino sugar derived from decontaminated crab, lobster or shrimp shells and evidence suggests it can actually rebuild damaged cartilage and inhibit certain destructive enzymes.
  • MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is a natural occurring, organic sulfur compound found in human diets.
  • Chondroitin is another substance found in the body and is part of a large protein molecule (proteoglycan) that gives cartilage elasticity. It is also derived from decontaminated shark cartilage.
  • SAM-e is an amino acid derivative that has been clinically proven to benefit brain and joint function.
  • Harpago is a plant native to Southern Africa, its name referring to the small "hooks" on the fruit of the plant. The active ingredient, found in the root of the plant, has been demonstrated to exhibit significant anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity. Clinical studies have proven it effective in treating pain throughout the body, especially the knees, hips and lower back.
  • Bioperine® has long been used in Ayurvedic medicine for many applications. This pungent plant-based substance is found in black pepper and long pepper plants. It's primarily recognized as a powerful bioavailability enhancer, capable of boosting the effectiveness of other therapeutic substances.
  • White Willow Bark has probably been used and prescribed more than any other medicinal plant. Although aspirin is now made of synthetic ingredients, at one time, White Willow Bark was the original source of this popular pain reliever. Native Americans introduced the European pilgrims to this potent and safe analgesic. Even recent clinical studies found White Willow Bark to be a highly effective nutrient for treating pain.

Flexacine Suggested Use: 1 capsule three times daily with or without meals

Get relief from stiff aching joints with Flexacine

Ingredients Flexagene Flexacine
Maca (pure extract) 500 mg 1,000 mg
Cat's Claw (pure extract) 100 mg 200 mg
Proprietary Blend:
Glucosamine and Chondroitin sulfates, MSM, SAMe, B-12, folic acid, Harpago, Bioperine® and White Willow Bark
None 1,050 mg
Capsule Gel Cap Veg Cap


Flexacine Breakthrough Joint Relief Formula
Flexacine Supports Healthy Joint Function
and Mobility as an Anti-Inflammatant,
Immune Modulator and Hormonal Regulator

Formulated by Dr. James Chappell
Flexacine Giant Leap Forward in Treating Joint Problems
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