StemCell Maxum Longevity Support

Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation Formulation

A Natural formula designed to prevent premature aging. Feel better and look younger! Your cells lose function as you age. Adult stem cells rejuvenate old damaged tissues, but adult stem cells are also aging. Now you can do something about it. StemCell Maxum supports adult stem cells and their functions.

Reversing Aging

Scientific research is constantly finding new anti-aging discoveries. Biological aging does not need to be our destiny. People will eventually live long, healthy lives while maintaining younger characteristics. A lifetime that of centuries or longer will eventually be a reality. Maintaining the body of a 21 year old for a lifetime that could stretch to centuries or longer will be a reality. We are developing products and therapies to extend lifespan. Progress will continue indefinitely. Your best strategy is to use dietary supplements, exercise and a healthy diet and lifestyle to extend your lifespan.

StemCell Maxum is designed to prevent premature aging. This can help you feel better and look younger. Your cells lose function as you age. Adult stem cells rejuvenate damaged and old tissues, but adult stem cells are also aging. Now you can do something about it. StemCell Maxum supports adult stem cells and their functions.

Stem Cell Power

Millions of people suffer from chronic disease conditions. We have hope that conditions afflicting mankind will eventually be remedied using stem cell regenerative medicine. Improve the effectiveness of your adult stem cells by using our StemCell -Longevity.

Ingredients in StemCell Maxum have been proven to support:

  1. Adult stem cell rejuvenation
  2. A healthy cardiovascular system
  3. Healthy blood glucose levels
  4. Healthy blood pressure levels
  5. Healthy cholesterol levels
  6. Young looking skin
  7. Better learning and focus
  8. More endurance
  9. A healthy immune system
  10. Healthy breasts, colon, pancreas and prostate

Stem Cell Rejuvenation

As a child, we rapidly recover from injury or illness because of the ability of our young regenerative stem cells to regenerate damaged tissues. As we age, our stem cells slowly lose their repairing capacity. This natural progression occurs slowly, but we start to notice the body changes especially after age 50. StemCell Maxum helps you regain your youthful regenerative potential.

Premature aging can be defeated by maximizing your longevity genes.

  1. Aging is linked to our longevity genes.
  2. Lifespan can be extended by modulating genes involved in aging and age-related disease.
  3. Aging causes an exponential increase in the annual mortality rate. Aging causes a progressive increase in all-cause mortality and morbidity. In the case of humans, all-cause mortality doubles every eight years after sexual maturity until it reaches an annual mortality rate plateau of about 50% over 105 years of age.
  4. There are natural substances on Earth that can support anti-aging by providing Stem Cell support.

Blood Chemistry Improvements

Users may expect a reduction in blood pressure, blood sugar, total cholesterol, LDL and triglycerides and an increase in HDL (good cholesterol) after a few months of taking StemCell Maxum.

Our adult stem cell function declines with age

All the organs and tissues of the body have adult stem cells for regenerating cells in case of injury or disease. As we age, adult stem cells gradually lose the ability to differentiate into functional tissue-specific cells. For example, cardiac muscle stem cells exist but elderly people have only one half the number of cardiac stem cells found in young people. Thus, adult stem cells become more dysfunctional as we age, causing progressively increased organ and tissue dysfunction.

An example of the aging role of adult stem cells is your skin continually losing dead cells, so that adult stem cells must continuously replenish the dying skin cells. With age, there are progressively fewer functional skin stem cells. Skin cell turnover slows, leading to thinner, dryer, less elastic skin that loses its youthful beauty. Hair thins and turns grey as functional hair follicle stem cells decline. Vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch slowly decline with age, as the declining stem cell populations responsible for maintaining these functions are unable to fully rejuvenate.

Stimulate adult stem cell growth

Stimulating adult stem cell populations is not a simple task. If the proliferation of adult stem cells is over stimulated, then you may get overgrowth of tissues or a potential tumor. StemCell Maxum is a dietary supplement designed to improve the function of your existing stem cells. When an organ or tissue is damaged, it emits natural signals that new cells are needed to replace old or damaged cells. StemCell Maxum supports the adult stem cells that respond to provide new replacement cells.

Everyone can benefit from StemCell Maxum. Younger persons will enjoy the wellness endurance boost during sports or exercise. Older persons will notice increased energy, youthful appearance, wellness and better weight management.

Expected benefits of taking StemCell Maxum:

  1. Helps maintain of adult stem cells to reduce age-related losses
  2. Helps maintain the cardiovascular system
  3. Helps maintain healthy blood glucose levels
  4. Helps maintain healthy blood pressure
  5. Helps maintain healthy pulse rate
  6. Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels
  7. Enhances skin elasticity and tightness
  8. Promotes brain health
  9. Promotes nerve health
  10. Promotes strength and endurance
  11. Promotes a healthy immune system
  12. Promotes joint health
  13. Promotes healthy kidneys, liver, and pancreas
  14. Enhances sexual potency and performance
  15. Promotes improvements in eyesight
  16. Promotes healthy intestines, colon and bowel regularity

Caution: Normal blood glucose and/or blood pressure may result from taking StemCell Maxum. Please consult with your doctor and regularly monitor yourself if you are on medication for these disorders. StemCell Maxum is not recommended for pregnant or lactating individuals.

The statements above have not been reviewed by the FDA. StemCell Maxum is not meant as a preventive or treatment for any disease.

StemCell Maxum
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