Just Like in the Days of Noah

"Tell me once again, grandfather, about your father and how he walked with God." Young Noah loved to hear the stories of the old times from his grandfather Methuselah. He was eager to know every detail and his grandfather could paint an extremely vivid picture. Besides, the old man loved to revel in the young lad's desire for the knowledge that he was more than willing to share. Most of the youth, these days, didn't seem to care about times past. They were preoccupied with the present and how much enjoyment they could get out of life. They lived like there was no tomorrow and acted as though they would live forever.

The old man could see the changes, which had taken place during the 386 years of his life, were definitely not for the better. The heart of mankind was growing darker with the passing of each successive generation. This downward spiral was only to be expected as people chose to distance themselves from the Creator. This is why it was always so refreshing to converse with the seventeen-year-old youth, whose name meant 'comfort'.

"It was eighty six years ago, almost to the day," the old man began, "when my father, that great 'preacher of righteousness', walked straight into the home of the Most High. Not since the days in the garden, had anyone walked and talked so freely with the Almighty. My father was obsessed with a desire to know our Creator and began to call upon His Name at a very young age."

"As a young boy he used to cry out to the Lord with all his heart and he had a strong desire to please the Lord in all his ways. He was painfully aware of the terrible loss that took place when sin entered the human race and as a result, sweet fellowship with the Creator was broken. Something in his heart told him, as great as this loss was to these created beings, no one in all creation could begin to fathom the terrible broken-heartedness of the Creator. My father became overwhelmed by a tremendous sense of mourning and travail on the part of the Creator. At the same time he realized the Almighty was reaching out to restore that lost fellowship. He knew of the promise in the garden to one day restore that sweet fellowship, but only the Almighty One knew how that would be accomplished."

"The intensity of father Enoch's desire increased until he could contain it no more. He would look up toward heaven and call upon the Name of the Lord until he was hoarse, but that didn't matter. He would cry out with all his might, because he would not be easily dissuaded. He knew what he wanted from the Creator and nothing short of a full revelation of God's Presence would do."

"God came to him one night and my father's joy knew no bounds. They talked to each other the whole night through and shared each other's heart. My father was not the same from that night forth. The Glory of the Almighty shone upon his face and he lived only to please his Lord. He learned how intensely the Godhead desired to reach the hearts of a humanity running headlong to the pit of destruction. My father would not tire of telling the good news to everyone he met. The Creator had a plan. This plan was going to restore the fellowship with the Creator, which our first parents enjoyed in the garden."

"He sought to persuade men everywhere to turn from their wicked ways and turn their hearts back to the Creator. He also told everyone to wait expectantly for God's plan to unfold. Many people believed my father's message, but many more refused to believe. It was then that my father began to share in the intense grieving on the part of the Creator toward his creation. He felt the great loss that the Almighty One was experiencing. At the same time, my father became aware of the great anger that rose up in the heart of his Creator. This anger was directed toward a mankind who chose to listen to the deceiver and follow the unrighteous path which led toward destruction."

"These emotions were more than my father could bear. If his Lord hadn't extended His mighty arm to strengthen and sustain him, he may not have survived. I remember as a young boy, seeing my father and his Lord walking 'hand-in-hand' during the cool of the day. This left a lasting impression upon me. One day I asked him to introduce me to his Lord. It was that day, I too, began to call upon the name of the Lord and He became my Lord also. Nothing else compared to being friends with the Almighty. My life would never again be the same."

"My father walked with God many years and told men everywhere to turn from their wickedness. One evening I saw my father walking with his Lord, as I had seen him so many times before. Then, right before my very eyes, I saw a cloud of great glory engulf the two of them. I ran closer to see what this was all about. As I got closer, I was knocked to the ground by the great power of the Almighty. I cried out to my father and I could hear him say, "Do not be afraid, my son, I'm going home." The cloud of glory disappeared and they were both gone. Enoch walked with God and he was no more, for God took him."

As young Noah pondered the words of this story, he earnestly conveyed the desire that had been growing within him for some time. "Grandfather," he spoke, "I want to walk with the Creator."

The old man carefully weighed his response. "Son, you understand this means a lifelong commitment, a life of faithful service to the great God Almighty of the heavens and the earth. He wants nothing less than total devotion and obedience, but the rewards are more than worth it. You would be completely set apart for His service and would be at odds with a world system that defies His authority. You would have to bear persecution and ridicule of the worst sort, for living a life that makes mankind aware of their sinfulness. You would ultimately bear mankind's hatred of everything the Almighty Godhead stands for."

"Be sure, my son, this would be a difficult path to follow and a hard burden to bear. There would be no turning back, because the Creator takes no delight in those who do. You can be certain your God will always sustain you and He will always be with you. He will fulfill your deepest longings and meet your every need. He will be everything to you and you will be completely sufficient in Him. He will use you to perform great and marvelous deeds in the earth, even . . . " the old man paused as he realized the prophetic impact of his words, " . . . preserve the human race."

Grandfather Methuselah continued, "My son, consider carefully the magnitude of this," he paused briefly to let the importance of his words sink in, "entering into a covenant with the Mighty Creator and Lord of all. You will be His ambassador for judgment to a depraved world. This is an awesome responsibility which can't be taken lightly."

Both men quietly reflected for a moment and the youth finally spoke. "Grandfather, I have carefully considered what you have told me and I have thought about this for a long time. The longing that I feel in my heart, to enjoy that sweet fellowship with our Creator, has grown so much, I feel like I'm going to burst. I desire nothing less than the complete and perfect union with our Great God Almighty of the heavens and the earth.

Methuselah spoke, "Our God will meet with us tonight. It's time we prepare our hearts to enter into His presence."

They arose and began the short journey to a place where Enoch had met with the Creator so many years before. As they walked, Methuselah spoke of the great and glorious deeds of his God. Both men reflected upon the older man's words and they began to praise the mighty name of the Creator. After walking across a large and open expanse of a lush meadow, they came to a wooded area. They entered the thick forest and soon came upon a gently flowing brook. The men followed the brook until they came to a clearing in the forest. At the far end of the clearing was a small mountain, which looked like a huge boulder sticking up out of the ground.

Noah and Methuselah had been walking for almost an hour now. As they entered the clearing, both men walked in quiet reflection and anticipation of the moment at hand. At the foot of the mount stood an altar, which Enoch had erected as a monument to the Great Creator and God of the heavens and the earth. The crystal clear brook seemed to be flowing from behind the altar. Young Noah was filled with an overwhelming sense of peace as he gazed upon that cool stream.

Methuselah spoke briefly, "My father called this mount the throne of God." As they came before the altar, Noah noticed how huge the mount was up close. The altar, though noteworthy in size, stood dwarfed in the stark contrast of that immense rock, which rose up out of the ground. Noah could now see that the water was flowing out of a small cave at the base of the mount.

Noah's grandfather made a motion with his hands and both men lay down prostrate at the foot of the altar. They began to call upon the Mighty Name of the Great Creator, the God of the heavens and the earth. Noah could feel an intensity he had never known before and he began to cry out from the very depths of his being.

After a while, a cool and gentle breeze blew across the clearing and a holy hush came upon the whole area. Noah felt like he was paralyzed, as the very air was permeated with a thick and holy presence. After what seemed like a very long time, Noah felt a hand on his shoulder and a voice said, "Get up, my faithful one." The voice sounded like the sound of many rushing waters.

As Noah rose to his feet, he saw the smiling faces of his grandfather and their Glorious Creator. The young man knelt before that Great Divine Being of Love and Mercy, who was filled with Holiness and Righteousness. Noah softly but emphatically spoke, "Lord, I want to walk with you and serve you, all the days of my life."

The Creator took the youth by his hands, pulled him to his feet and embraced him. Noah had never known such peace and joy. As he looked into the face of the Creator, he beheld such a glorious beauty, beyond what he had ever seen or imagined. He gazed into the eyes of his Lord and saw the very depths of love and compassion. He felt awed at being in the very presence of the Mighty Creator. At the same time, he knew he didn't have to put on any airs or graces, as he stood before this Great and All Knowing Being. It felt as though the very heavens had opened before him.

As his Lord spoke, the young man felt his heart overflowing with a tremendous joy. "I am well pleased with you, my beloved servant." The words were like ointment to Noah's longing heart. He felt completely accepted by the Creator. It was as though he didn't have to strive or work to earn the approval of the Godhead.

"My Lord," Noah began, "I've desired to enter into your holy presence for a long time. This desire has been building within me for many years. My heart is crying out to you, oh Great and Almighty Lord. I want to know you and share in that sweet fellowship with you."

"My Son," the Lord responded, "I have known you from your mother's womb. When I formed your inward parts, I placed in you a desire for you to seek me with all your heart. Everything that has happened throughout your young life was designed to bring you here before me this day. I have caused all things to work together for your good, because I have called you according to my purpose."

"Ever since my fellowship was severed from your race, I have gone to and fro in the earth, to seek out those who will respond to my voice. Most of my children choose not to listen to my voice, but prefer the voice of the deceiver. My spirit will not strive with man forever."

"I have called you from your mother's womb to fulfill a grand purpose in my plan. Thus far, you have responded favorably to that call. I placed the hunger that you feel within your heart to bring you to this place. The longing you feel for my fellowship is but a mirror of the longing I feel for you."

"All mankind has been created with a deep hunger to enjoy this fellowship, but most refuse to respond. Instead they grow dull to my voice and go the way of the deceiver. My voice is growing stilled in the earth as I see the great wickedness of man. Every imagination of the thoughts of his heart is only evil, continually."

"I deeply grieve over the human race, but you, my son, are a great comfort to me. I will fulfill my plan for your life and you will not fail, because I am for you and no one can possibly stand against you. I love you, my son, and I want to be the most important part of your life. I want to be your friend and enjoy continuous fellowship with you. This is my heart cry to you, and for this you were created."

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