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Dream and dream big.
No dream is too big.
In this case, bigger is better.
Do not let anyone or anything keep you from realizing your full potential.
Keep your focus and filter out all distractions.

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What is the difference between someone who lives their dream and others who never realize their dream?
What separates the two?

Those who refuse to be talked out of realizing their dream are unstoppable. No one can tell them any different. They refuse to be dissuaded. They rarely, if ever, stop believing. They just seem to have that inner knowing, of a destiny waiting to be fulfilled. We all know someone like this. Pay attention and learn from them.

People with this mindset are virtually unrestrainable in attaining their aspirations, to the point of being consumed. No obstacle is too great for them to surmount. No one can ever talk them out of pursuing their dream, nor would few even dare try. If you spend much time around this rare type of person, it does not take long to discern these motivating factors.

Why is this such a rarity among those numbered among humanity, when it should be the norm? For the rest of us ordinary mortals, this just seems a little extreme. In fact, we live in a day where “the extreme” is glorified.

We crave success and living our dreams, but we settle for a mundane existence, every time. This differentiates the dreamers who turn their dreams into reality and those who do not. Much of humanity chooses the effortless way out because it is more predictable and less work.

In the final analysis, pursuing your dreams requires challenging work and devotion. It takes work to believe in yourself and put into action whatever will bring your dreams into reality. Unstoppable dreamers embrace the required actions as not being burdensome for them. Devotion to reaching desires triggers them on toward achievement of chosen pursuits.

When we see, an individual living their dream, we are only aware of the result. All the arduous work and sacrifice, which resulted in achieving success, escaped our direct observation. Unless that individual is a personal acquaintance, we never get an inside track on their progression toward success.

Truly successful individuals can envision the destination, while thoroughly enjoying the journey. Life is a journey and if you are not enjoying the ride, it probably will not be any different once you reach your destination. Even though we find life to be a daily drudgery, we somehow delude ourselves into thinking it will suddenly change when we reach the climax.

The person we are becoming is that same person who is progressing toward that ultimate point of arrival. Living your dream demands willingness to act, bringing it to fruition. It is your dream and you have the sole responsibility for its materialization.

The reasons for not living your dream are plentiful, but how bad do you really want it? If you do not allow anyone or anything to impede your progress, you will aspire to your desires.

Vision and tenacity are required to proceed on this journey. Discouragement and procrastination are your worst enemies. Having an unobstructed vision of how to reach your goals and following through, will effectively combat discouragement. Tenacity will defeat procrastination and will also work to battle discouragement. Vision and tenacity work well together in keeping you motivated.

Motivation is paramount and momentum keeps you moving in the right direction. Motivation is the spark that gets you started and helps to build momentum. Once you build the necessary momentum, it takes less motivation to keep the process in motion.

This operation works like a chain reaction and has the potential for moving you in the direction of achieving your dreams. This is no different than the basic laws of motion, which keep the entire natural universe in operation. Natural laws of physics can provide helpful analogies to explain human behavior. It is amazing to note the parallels between these two areas of study, which seems to imply a certain unity in creative order.

Our first course of action is to eradicate every worthless encumbrance. We dedicate our lifetime to accumulating extraneous paraphernalia, that serves only to detract and detain us from reaching our goal. We must destroy the barricades which tend to impede progress toward our desired destination.

Be prepared to invest a generous amount of time and effort, reversing acquired mindsets, behavior patterns, and conditioned responses. Mastering this new lifestyle does not materialize instantaneously or painlessly. We must discard our stagnant pursuance, in exchange for acquiring a fresh approach to realizing our dreams.

The most effective way to implement this new lifestyle is to stop focusing on negative mindsets, which engender corresponding behavior and response. “As a man thinks,” is a universal principle, which is a crucial life application for success.

You are, as you think. That is the reason for dreaming big. Big dreams lead to big thoughts, which lead to big actions. This accelerates you down that road of success. Forcing your mindset into alignment with your dreams is the most empowering and liberating activity in which you can engage.

Acquiring and adhering to this fresh mindset, is key to realizing all your dreams, but in no way, denies reality. Instead, it allows you to embrace every challenge, life throws your way. Life’s barricades can now be viewed as discovering new methods for inspiring innovation.

A fresh mindset must be accompanied by words and a lifestyle that are not in conflict. The words of your mouth will establish the baseline for your surrounding existence. “Words create worlds.” While this may sound like an oversimplification, this is abundantly evident in our daily experience.

An unrenewed mindset may agree with the following statement: “If it was not for bad luck, I would not have any luck at all.” If you accept this in a negative context, why would it not work the same in a positive context? This universal principle applies to both contexts.

A renewed mindset in sync with your dreams, translates into positive vocalization, activating your dreams. You ignore this, to your detriment. This is a crucial part of the action plan for realizing your dreams. When I say, not to let anyone or anything keep you from realizing your full potential, that first “anyone” is you. We are snared by the words of our mouth and we need to be cognizant of how we derail our own destiny.

Keeping your focus and filtering out all distractions, is a final important key to realizing your dreams.
It is a given, that distractions abound in life and the society we live in.
Aim for your well defined goal and maintain a high priority on reaching for it.
Life happens, but you must surmount the obstacles and you will succeed.

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