Happy Birth Person Day You Passive Dolt

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Posted by mariomurilloministries

Happy Birth Person Day You Passive Dolt

Woke Folk cannot leave anything alone. They can never find enough things to be offended by, or to categorize as ‘racist’. To them, nothing is innocent. Now the Woke are trying to desecrate Mother’s Day 2021—the first one in my life that I have spent without my mom. Their latest invented category, designed to obliterate ‘Mother’ from our vocabulary, is: Birth Person. A term invented by crazy person?

Apparently, Birth Person liberates us from the racist, sexist, oppressive title of Mother. How stupid is that? How inane is that? Anyone who feels victimized by being called Mother, must have far deeper emotional and mental issues than this blog could ever fully address.

Birth Person is the next new term they will force on us. It will be the next required lie. Like the Airline Industry giving you the option to call your gender unknown. The sheepish Airlines would never have caved to such a silly thing if there were enough scientists and biologists with…well, enough gender to stand up to Woke-lore.


Nothing makes Woke bullies giddier than when one of their new terms becomes mandatory. They literally squeal with delight.

Did you hear the impassioned plea the ‘Wokist’ made for Birth Person? She appeared to be experiencing birth pangs while trying to make this a cause—a wrong to righted. She shared the pain she had suffered being called Mother!

But she is only a small part of the problem in America. The biggest problem comes from people who are too afraid to stand up to this insanity. And it is more than a harmless insanity. When they force us to use their words, it insults our courage, intelligence, and threatens our freedom.

They are as good as screaming at you, “HAPPY BIRTH PERSON DAY, YOU PASSIVE DOLT!” They count on the cowardice of corporations. They pander to the intellectually insecure, who will do and say anything to remain viable to the academic community.

They are relying on your fear of being labeled racist, transphobic, and, the grandmother of all slurs: xenophobic. Or should I have said the grand-birth-person of all slurs?


You may be fearful. You may be docile. Whatever. The fact is that every day the freedom to think—the freedom to disagree—the freedom to worship is being eroded by Woke bullies that few Americans are willing to stand up to. And shame on you for not standing up to them.

I take you now to my encounter with Woke pronoun terrorism. “I self-identify as a _____,” they said to me. “And that is what you will call me.” I told them I would not call them anything that is not true, because that would make me a liar.

When I asked them if I could be known as a 20-year-old man. They said, “Of course not, because you are not 20 years old.”  “Not even if I self-identified as one?” Their silence spoke volumes.

Do you not get it? We are breathing life into moral craziness and tyranny when we give credence to this garbage. Worse still, we are condemning our children to live under the domination of angry, crazy people.

I remember a day when Americans did not scare this easily. We used to be able to tell who the wolves among us were, who ‘self-identified’ as sheep.  Happy Mother’s Day.

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