The Rare Commodity of Truth

Facebook Post by John R. Enlow, from Restore 7, On Earth as it is in Heaven

The world war we are presently in is an unconventional war. The enemy's "atomic arsenal" in this war is disinformation. The front line strategy involves manipulating a narrative and sparing no expense to do so. The war plays out as an information war because that is where the enemy has invested the bulk of its' resources. By the very nature of the unconventional war strategy TRUTH has become the rarest commodity. Rarer seemingly than diamonds. The enemy has spent years and even decades securing "mainstream media" for this world war. It valued stockpiling news sources and media outlets as much as nations in times past would normally value and stockpile nuclear weaponry. George Soros is a key figure if not THE key figure on the dark side. He has a stated goal of destroying America. It is his money financing ANTIFA. Every one of his companies and organizations are part of a disinformation campaign. Many are made to APPEAR like something that they are actually the opposite of. Perfect example is ANTIFA which IS what it avows to be against.

Soros and his ilk have bought, through "investment" or through blackmail, most social media platforms and most established newspapers, such as The Washington Post and the New York Times—and magazines such as Time. World media outlets are under their control and are war assets. The same with "TV news outlets" such as CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC. The intentionality and thoroughness of it reveals the sinister nature of it all. They knew that in 2020, you can win wars with information and without traditional weapons. They use information to weaponize people. In a greater measure than most of us know, that is how war in general has been executed for a long time—but this is the most thorough an enemy of God and of the people has ever been. It has been so effective that it has fully one-third of the people believing a total lie or set of lies—and up to 50% of the people substantially affected by its disinformation campaign—and that just in "the land of the free." Worldwide it is above 75% of the people that are totally brainwashed by their propaganda, and in more places than not, it is above 90%.

Today's evil has attempted to weaponize the very people that are being rescued—into fighting against the ones rescuing them. It is quite a momentary feat. Because truth is such a rare commodity, the enemy has prospered. The enemy has found the social wounds in society and has expertly dedicated itself to manipulating those wounds towards its ultimate goal of control and destruction. Make no mistake about it. The dark side wants control of the USA for no other purpose but destruction. With America's destruction, there would now be no force capable of resisting its' world dominance and subsequent depopulation and 'total dependence' objectives. In fact, the rest of the world was already secured. Only the USA remained as the last vestige of hope and freedom. The rest fell under the expert mind control and manipulation of the Soros and co. media machinery.

Expert deception tactics brought the world into submission as media assets did their part in creating whatever news needed to be created to facilitate the agenda. "Christians" around the world were put to sleep by it, and in their stupor, verbally attacked the very foundation of freedom that could set them free. It is evident that they haven't freely chosen to side with darkness—but that they have been systematically and expertly brainwashed to surrender who they were called to be. Allow them a Sunday meeting place, give them survival rations, promise them "free healthcare" and they fall in line and are now an enemy asset—attacking or resisting those or that which would liberate them. Forget that the "healthcare" has actually been manipulated to weaken them and make them more submissive and pliable. Forget that "life-saving vaccines" are actually killing and deforming their children. They run to the motto of "In state and media we trust" and so all critical thinking is out the door—all the while believing THEY are an enlightened "critical thinker." They march in perfect single file—quickly reining in whomever would stray from state and media-sanctioned thought. Somehow people who love freedom are "Nazis," because of their passion for freedom. To see the big picture is quite an eye-opener. How did even followers of Jesus Christ "drink the cool-aid"?

A lot of not good news, I know, especially from me:) Now the good news. This incredible ability to keep the peoples and the nations of the world bound by lies is about to radically change. The Lord gave me Job 20 for 2020. Job 20:5 says, "The triumph of the wicked is short-lived and the joy of the godless is temporary." Verse 27,28 "The heavens will expose their guilt and the earth will testify against them. A flood will sweep away their house. God's anger will descend on them in torrents. This is the reward God gives the wicked. It is the inheritance decreed by God." Leviathan and his flood of lies will encounter God's tsunami flood of truth, exposure, and judgment. It is happening already. Leviathan is being beheaded and truth will run. As it accelerates the Great Awakening all have waited for will kick in. The first stage, as I have been saying for some time, is a Rude Awakening. Good people will awaken from the sophisticated programming they have been victim of and see the matrix. If you still think this is a "conspiracy theory" you are yet asleep. WAKE UP! I am a voice crying out in the wilderness of your mind. Prepare the way of the Lord! He is already incoming as a great wave. He will relentlessly come in. The priceless commodity of truth is no longer going to be rare.

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